Liberty Band

This page is for players and fans of the Hazleton Liberty Band Established in 1859

Rehearsals are held at the PTPA building, 212 West Broad Street, Hazleton PA. Use the front door farthest to the right (not the main entrance). There is a ramp at this entrance for better accessibility. There is ample parking either on Broad Street or in business parking lots near the PTPA. After 7:00 on street parking is free.

NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will not rehearse until further notice. 


We will use two means of communication in the event of last minute changes or cancellations of concerts or rehearsals. We will send text messages to those who have provided us with a current phone number capable of receiving messages or the change will be posted on this website. These are the only two ways we will communicate last minute changes!


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all concerts scheduled for 2020 have been cancelled.

Perhaps later in the fall or during the Christmas season we will be able to play a modified concert. We need to consider this if for no other reason than keeping our 161 years of uninterrupted music intact.

For additional information call 570-788-3708 or email